Submission Approved

2009-04-16 17:29:43 by Raenath

Today started out as a really crappy day, and then a lot of bullshit at school as usual, and then.. yeah, well, enough about that.

My audio submission has been approved into the Audio Portal. ^^ I'm happy about that, and it almost makes the day worth it all. Anyway, go check it out if you've got the time, people. :3


Day of Firsts...

2009-04-08 18:38:00 by Raenath

Well, Hello There! :3

I've been coming to this site for quite a while, and only recently have I actually gotten involved instead of just randomly lurking about the flash portal. X3

I've begun writing reviews, a couple of which have actually been voted useful... or at least one of them. X3

And I've also submitted something to the Audio Portal (hopefully it gets approved), which is a major first, but at the reassurance of my girlfriend that the MIDI was good, I converted and resampled it and decided to throw it up here to you guys to check it out.

Hopefully, this won't meet the same fate as my DeviantART journal and go malnourished for over 4 months.